A thought or an idea never develops into a project in a straight line. Architectural knowledge for us is not only created in the studio, it has to be gained in dialogue with actual materials and building techniques on site and it’s important to us to keep the line of thought from idea to realisation so that it is readable when the project is built. In all processes where we are close to the actual production, or actually building ourselves, we believe in the value of following a path meandering its way forward within the project. Knowledge and experience evolve over time and in a trajectory that goes beyond the individual projects. We strive to be a practice with a kinship between our projects for different clients, with different programs and on different sites – the projects feed into each other. We formed our practice based on common ground gained from studies, teaching and travel experiences.

Katarina Lundeberg studied at the Architecture School at the Royal Danish Academy in Copenhagen. There she became interested in a process of using drawings as a tool to develop the project in a coherent form, architecture as a discipline of creating a consistentform with intentions and proportions readable in plan and section.

Fredric Benesch was educated at Chalmers University of Tech-nology where the ideal of a contextual modernism merged with studies in traditional building techniques to form a vision of architecturewith a social agenda, and at the Royal Academy of Art in Stockholm,which represented a vision of an architecture with strong spatial qualities and an identity gained from building technology and materiality.