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25 kvadrat, Eva Wrede & Mark Isitt 2014, Kajak house
Swedish Architecture in Wood, The 2012 Timber Price, Solbrinken Ordinary House
The new Modern House, Redefining functionalism, 2010. Laurence King Publishing, Forest Guard superintendent Cabin
Arkitekternas Villor, volym 2, 2010, Arkitektur Förlag, House on a cliff
Kvadrat – 15 arkitektritade friggebodar, Refugium, Max Ström vorlag 2008
The Forest of Venice, Venice Biennale catalogue, 2016, Jelena Zetterström, Ca' d'Ombre - The Palace of Shadows
Svenska fritidshus, 2016, Arkitektur Förlag, Huset på höjden


Arkitektur 1-2015 (PDF), Aesop store Stockholm
FRAME 11-2014 (PDF), Aesop store Stockholm
Residence 10-14 (PDF), Aesop store Stockholm
Form 6-2014 (PDF), Aesop store Stockholm
Nya Rum 8-2014 (PDF), Aesop store Stockholm
Kritik #22/23, Rowhouses Riksrådsvägen, model, photos Mikael Olsson
Dezeen article, 7-2014, Aesop store Stockholm
Wallpaper Handmade Issue, 8-2014, Passage of Wood, Venice Biennale
A.MAG 05, 5-2014, International architecture technical magazine, selected Nordic offices (PDF)
Arkitektur, 2-2016, Aesop SoFo
Arkitektur, 1-2016, Aesop Stores
Wallpaper, 7-2013, Architects Directory 2013
A+U, Japan Architecture, 2012:04, Sustinable and Small, Service building Ulriksdal
RUM, 4-2012, Service building Ulriksdal)
Arkitektur, 7-2012, Service building Ulriksdal
Rum DK 8-2011, Solbrinken Ordinary House
Plaza Magasin, 6-2011 Solbrinken Ordinary House
Arkitektur 4-2010, House on a cliff
FORM 3-2010, Visitors Center Woodland Cemetery
Arkitektur 7-2007, Debutantpris, Forest guard superintendent cabin
Arkitektur 8-2008, Presentation Strata Arkitektur


In Praise of Shadows, essay by Daniel A. Walser for IPOS exhibition KTH-A LÄSTIPS: Till skuggornas lov / Junichiro Tanizaki / 1998 (In Praise of Shadows / 1933)


We are in Praise of Shadows, in that which is not burnt by the Midday Sun, in that which lasts. In the Shadows there is time, there is the subtle, the slow, the small gestures, the private and the intimate grows. In the Shadows the World ages beautifully. Shadows are where the sun shines.

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